10 August 2012

Laura Sheeran - What the World Knows Album

Following on from the release of her astounding LP “Lust of Pigs & the Fresh Blood”, Laura Sheeran is set to release her latest phenomenal LP, “What the World Knows”.  Laura’s signature sound combined with instrumentals enhances her soft and surreal tone throughout the album that paints pictures of both despair and love. With her creative background from theatre and production, Laura incorporates this in “What the World Knows” reflecting her unique style.

From a young age, Laura progressively started building her music career composing and performing music for Galway-based play-writer John Nee, such as Rural Electric (2004) and The Mental (2006) which developed her musical style and visual we see today. Dublin-based Laura Sheeran (1st cousin of Ed Sheeran) is also a member of the ever enigmatic group Fovea Hex - the brain child of Clodagh Simonds (Mellow Candle, Mike Oldfeild) with Brian Eno and Robert Fripp among it's collaborators. Sheeran has performed with Fovea Hex all over Europe creating an enviable fan base.

“What the World Knows” is set for release July 10th, and will be available worldwide on itunes.
Laura is currently scheduled for upcoming festivals for the summer, with dates yet to be confirmed.
To secure an interview or any other enquiries please contact info@superlightmusic.com.
With her creative mind and visual art, Laura takes her listeners through an experience with her music and further pushes the standards of a musician.

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