23 May 2012

Justene Whyte - Falling From Love Release

The very much anticipated EP, ‘Love Life’ by Justene is finally round the corner, amidst the lead single ‘Falling from Love’ being released along with its visuals. The distinctive sound of the sultry, soulful, R ‘n’ B singer resonates through the track, which was also featured on SBTV to which it received a huge response. In building her career, Justene has supported international acts such as Tinchy Stryder and N- Dubz including an appearance at London’s LiveFest 2011.

See the video below

‘Falling from Love’ illustrates Justene’s passion and emotions that she has derived from experiences in her life. Singer-Songwriter Justene, originally from Leicester, grew up inspired by powerful modern female artist such as Aaliyah and Whitney Houston, which today are a significant influence on her music. Justene also aspires to be a positive influence on young girls through her music.

The ‘Love Life’ EP is set for release May 1st 2012 and will be available for free download, and also with the option to purchase the EP for fee, at the listener’s choice. A nationwide tour is currently being scheduled for the summer, with dates soon to be confirmed. If you would like to host Justene’s ‘Love Life’ EP exclusively or secure an interview with her, please email, info@superlightmusic.com. Justene is a palpable, passionate, individual which she incorporates in every inch of her music and is set to push the boundaries of modern music.
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For a Sneak Preview, you can Download the LOVE LIFE EP HERE .

 For any other enquiries Please contact@soulacemusic.com www.JusteneMusic.com

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