23 May 2012

Ceaser - Blue Lights Trailer

Just giving you the heads up on Ceaser's trailer for his new video. Blue Lights is the debut single from the distinctive new age singer which is produced by Plastician, he first appeared on the scene as a feature on Dream Mcleans smash, last year “Golden” and has since then been working on his Debut EP ‘Ceaser London,’ due out later this Summer.

Please view the trailer for the video below, which is to be released 17th May.


Blue Lights is a well directed narrative depicting the relationship between the police and the youth. The out the box song writing abilities of Ceaser are smoothly displayed in his debut song, which showcase his unique style which is arguably unrivalled in the current UK music scene. With affiliates such as Plan B and Maverick Sabre, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop up in a few high profile tours in the coming months.

As the son of former British middle weight champion, Roy Gumbs, Ceaser was brought up in a very driven household. At age 11 he made the transition from a junior boxer to a young musician, learning the piano, saxophone, flute and clarinet. Ceaser has transformed himself from a young grime mc doing radio shows with Beyond the Booth & Newham Generals on axe fm amongst other pirate radio stations, into a beckoning singer now on the brink of dropping his debut EP as part of a series called ‘Overseas.’ The first EP is ‘Ceaser London’, the second is called, ‘Overseas in the Caribbean,’ a reggae influenced EP, the third one being ‘Overseas in the UAE’ an Arabic style EP and the forth one being ‘Overseas in Rome,’ with each EP showing the versatility of Ceaser.

If you would like to host ‘Blue Liights’ or the ‘Ceaser London’ EP exclusively or secure an interview with him, please email info@superlightmusic.com. The next few months will be an interesting one for the UK scene, watch the space.

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